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Spa Day at Sheraton Hyderabad

Hello guys! We all know those days where we just need a break from work, from home, from workouts and even from our everyday routine.So, a spa day is all you need to relax,detox and calm you down from all the stress. I love to pamper myself and book spa days every now and then because it truly relaxes me. The relaxing music, the aroma, the great massage relaxing your body soreness. Ah! Feels like I need another spa day just as I am writing about my recent experience at The Spa at Sheraton Hyderabad.

I had been doing a lot of weight training so I needed a spa day to work on my arms and shoulders as there was a lot of tension built there. So visiting The Spa at Sheraton was like a little getaway from all the stress. When you go to a spa, you clear your mind, you relax, you pamper yourself and focus on self love.

I chose the Sheraton Signature as it was the best to help me customise the treatment on basis of what I require and I went for a combination of deep tissue, hot stone and bundles treatment which was a mixture of international and indian methods.First, my feet were washed in rose water and scrubbed before the treatment. We started off with deep tissue first and she worked on my knots near the shoulder and then we did the hot stones and bundles treatment on areas where I really had soreness. It felt heavenly! The feeling of warm stones being rubbed on your sore muscles is pure heaven. I went for a steam after this to let the good oils seep in. Had a nice herbal tea after the treatment.

So glad I could pamper myself and destress from work at The Spa at Sheraton.


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